On Top of the World

Steven Wilson
2 min readMay 20, 2022


Written - July 2015

The Summer Doldrums have not yet sunk in,

yet I just heard my first Back To School radio

spot. I mean, it was just July 4th.

And the @USWNT won the Women’s World Cup!

Congratulations on a job well done. I think

about all those aspiring soccer moms who

drive their children to and from soccer

practices mostly, with a few games thrown in


My family and friends who went through the

youth soccer phase with their children hoped

maybe they would stay healthy, have fun and

learn a bit about teamwork.

For most of them, it was their first encounter

with a sport that just missed the Baby

Boomers, who now stand on the sidelines

cheering on their granddaughter, not knowing

WTF off sides is or what a Yellow Card

means, although they guess it’s not good.

Who knew then, among the soccer moms who

sat in the bleachers in Southern New Jersey

and Northern California watching their girls

progress through the years, so that she could

make a pass to a teammate cutting to the

goal, that they would end up on top of the


The Millennial generation stands to witness

the first ever women’s sports team to

experience the thrill of a Canyon of Heroes –

now Canyon of Heroines parade in New York City.

Complete with the confetti falling all around them on a

slow moving flatbed truck, the victorious team

members wearing their Nike sweat suits

waved back to the thousands of little soccer

girls dressed in their brightly colored uniforms

with their shin guards snug in place beneath

their knee socks.

Stationed right next to her mom she stands on

her tippy toes to reach out and wave over the

fence, just to get an up close glimpse and get

a chance to take a picture of her version of

Mickey Mantle, Tom Seaver or Joe Namath.

As the soccer heroines ambled up Broadway

and past each little girl and her mom, the

young girl turned and said, “Mommy, I’m going

to be in this parade when I get older. I just

know it!” “Honey, maybe one day you will.

And if so, I’ll stand right here in this same spot

and throw you a kiss.” “And I’ll throw you a

kiss back Mom — I promise!“

It takes hard work to win the World Cup, but

just like Abby and Carli, you can be a winner

too. Set a reasonable goal. Work hard. And

if all the pieces fall in line, maybe you in your

own way, will end up on Top of the World as




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