After the Insurrection . . .

Five died. And the world was left to ponder what to make of the user generated photos and videos of the riotous mob that sought to engineer a coup and stop Congress’ certification of the 2020 Presidential electoral college votes.

It had been 206 years since the U.S. Capitol had been attacked. Back then it was the British as part of the “Burning of Washington” which was in retaliation for the American destruction of British forts along the Canadian border.

Fortunately, a hurricane arrived the next day and extinguished the fires and expedited the British’s exit from our nation’s capital.

The recent attack on the US Capitol was not from a foreign entity. Rather, it was an incensed mob of US citizens that had been urged to “Fight” at a rally held just a short time prior and a short walk up Pennsylvania Avenue.

There is much discussion as to how and why the US Capitol Police were not prepared to stop the thousands of angry US citizens who were hell bent on stopping the work of the US Congress as they have done two months after each American presidential election.

The gallows that were erected just outside the US Capitol were to be used to “Hang Mike Pence” for his decision to follow an American procedure that has helped to maintain a peaceful transition from one president to the next.

What many are asking and discussing with family and friends is, “Where do we go from here?”

The question has many answers. Right or wrong depends on your perspective. It appears that no one person will be held accountable for the horrific images and the lasting memories of what occurred in the “people’s house” on the same day that the USA broke its’ one day record of COVID-19 deaths.

And that’s the one thing I have an issue with.

Oh, there are many who say quite vociferously that one person is responsible for what happened to the US Capitol on January 6th. And they may be right.

But what caused thousands of US citizens to descend on the Nation’s capital with pipes and pipe bombs adorned in regalia that included tee shirts with Camp Auschwitz proudly emblazoned on the front or, “6 M W N E” which I learned later stands for 6 million was not enough — in reference to the 6 million Jews that were killed at the place of his friend’s tee shirt.

Yes, there were other attire and chants throughout the hours long siege that included, “Stop the Steal” and other hand picked slogans of the multiple number of groups that were represented and invited to come to Washington DC on the same day the US Congress was scheduled to certify the Presidential electoral college votes.

Unfortunately, this was not a coincidence, but rather an astutely planned event that evolved into an Insurrection that we shall all have to accept and deliberate as to how to process and determine how we move forward.

How will the 1/6/21 Insurrection effect your life, your business? The truth is, we must all carry on so that we can continue to help our clients achieve their goals, which will enable us to feed and protect ourselves and our families as best we can.

So, maybe with an ear listening to the news for any updates on the horrific Insurrection, we return to our work station, for most of us that’s our in-home office where we have each been sequestered since mid March.

We’ll reach out to clients to make sure we meet their next deadline. We’ll try to reconnect with former clients as well as new prospects that have emerged as a result of our business pivot.

Regardless, when all is said and done and a few months have passed, we’ll likely be back to our new normal.

Or, maybe not.

That’s for each of us to decide.

Stay safe.



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Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson


Essays that provoke you to consider options on national events.